Limousine rental wedding day
IMG_7443The wedding day is a wonderful opportunity to create an impressive entrance to the event or upgrade your trip around town for filming the wedding ceremony.

Classic Limousine, the leader and the oldest in the country renting limousines and prestigious wedding package offers you a shiny and glamorous especially adapted to the bride and groom.
Classic Limousine limousines limos are remarkable beauty and well equipped, coming with professional and courteous driver who will be happy to take you to wherever those wishing, from photographs to track Arrival scene.

Amenities waiting for you in our limousines

The hotel limousine rich bar includes soft drinks, champagne, wine and of course a variety of whiskeys Chivas fine. To sweeten the trip, you will find limousine Ferrero Rocher chocolate quality.
Also, the sound system and the separation between the driver your personal area to create an intimate atmosphere absolute.

How wedding day limo rental upgrade your event?

IMG_7437We all exciting day today but very busy and complex enough that you have so many things therefore, important to the traveling guests can relax and indulge without restraint. On a hot day, well air-conditioned limousine to escape and cold day limousine heated nicely.
Limousine rental wedding day will give you the feeling of the day special and memorable.
Nothing like driving a limo ride any other vehicle: luxury car is long and spacious, with sealed windows so you can enjoy a private atmosphere which only the two of you, or accompanied by your lenders (when they come you chose a limousine).
Limousine will drink to your life together to launch your new status as a married couple fresh or just enjoy some quality time in this magical day.

IMG_8943Do not compromise! The most special day of your life you deserve to be pampered and mother comes in. limousine rental wedding day.
Classic Limousine offers you an impressive fleet of limos so you can choose the limousine and preferred favorite among our selection of limousines.
After selecting the desired limousine and coordinating with us regarding the date and hours (Preferred Limo should ensure in advance), our limousine will accompany you during the day and moving your life according to your schedule, from the gathering at the groom or bride, hotel, salon brides through the photos to the canopy.

While there are couples who are looking for a limousine rental wedding day as luxurious transportation, the others choose to get a limo target event and make available for guests. Yes, yes, just like in Hollywood at the Oscars, when all the guests clap and you walk canopy.
Also, the limo can wait you at the conclusion of the event and take you directly to your hotel wedding night or honeymoon directly.
If you searched for an impressive entrance or a way to indulge calmly and travel like kings up canopy, a limousine is just what your looking for! Classic Limousine offers you attractive packages especially of luxury limousines Bridal.

For details and reservations contact us now or contact us at the number: 050-742-99-10

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