Limo Rental and Shuttle VIP
Many business people are choosing exclusive transportation of luxury limousine for business meetings, professional conferences, seminars and workshops.
Classic Limousine, the country’s leading limousine company renting limousines and VIP transportation offers business travelers a selection of limousines to serve you all wish a business need while giving special attention and personal.
Team drivers of Classic Limousine is selected drivers are polite, professional to accompany you to any destination in the country and the world!
Business impression sets

Today it is more common than ever to get to business meetings with a limo from a list or after customers limousines luxury equipped with all amenities possible, such as plasma spectacular sound system, padded seats and luxury, separating the driver travelers keeping private atmosphere, a bar rich in all stylishly decorated to the highest standards .
Employees while traveling
Classic Limousine offers luxury package with a variety of Professional and courteous drivers that will lead you to your chosen luxury vehicle fleet of limousines and luxury cars of the Classic Limousine any time and at any time during the day.
If you have a number of meetings in different cities, Classic Limousine put at your disposal the limousines spectacular that will help you without any problem and ensure you drive calm where you can relax between meetings or hold business meetings as an office with all the luxury and equipment needed to manage a business meeting - sound, screen, connecting to a computer and more. You can plan your business trip with the team of Classic Limousine and we we put at your disposal all the equipment and the rig so you can work comfortably and calmly.
Pamper customers

If you are looking for a luxurious ride to your customers come to you for a meeting abroad or from another country and want to pamper them upscale transportation, we are here for you.
Sew for customers driving customized as needed, schedules and places to which they have or want to get to.
Above all - we insist on meeting precise deadlines, personal, and professional and courteous service. Classic Limousine with your customers in the best hands!
For details and reservations contact us now via the website and one of our representatives will contact you or call us

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